10. Jun, 2013

On Make Up and Cute Clothes

I vacillate between hating make up and cute (not artistic like some high fashion) clothes and being more accepting of people’s desire to wear make up and trendy clothes. After much meditation and cogitation I have come to this conclusion: variability is good. It’s not so much that women shouldn’t wear makeup (or bras/skirts/etc) but [...]

03. Jun, 2013

Random Musing on Women Working Out

So the man who recently sued his gym for having women-only hours triggered some thoughts about my experiences while working out. Is women working out interpreted as consent to interaction/flirting/leering/stalking? I ask this as I love to work out but I hate sporting competition (probably because I suck at it) so I mostly go to [...]

07. May, 2013

In Which an Explanation for Not Being Able to Shake Hands Correctly is Put Forth

I previously wrote about not knowing the secret handshakes that unlock the doors to good jobs and upper echelons of, truly, any field. However, intricately related is the inability to do the secret handshakes that mark one as a part of that society. One of previous points, not dressing like the middle to upper class [...]

21. Mar, 2013

On Not Knowing the Secret Handshakes

I deal with a lot of “isms” in my career and often hear people say racist/sexist things. However, sometimes classism becomes an even bigger barrier for me as I travel through my field. One thing that singles out people of lower socioeconomic status (SES) is not knowing the secret handshakes. We don’t know the magic [...]

01. Dec, 2012

On Disability and Health

I’ve work with people who have chronic illnesses and I’ve noticed some of the same issues come up again and again. In some ways, these speak to the variability in society and, more accurately, how society and people without chronic illness often fail to accommodate that variability. First is looking or moving differently. Have you [...]

24. Nov, 2012

Random Musing

Periodically, I hope to post mini-posts about random issues. I’ll start with a very general take on variability in life and people. -K. M. Like many teenagers in the 90′s, I was interested in Wicca and other pagan religions and, while I do not follow that religion, one particular phrase associated with these belief systems [...]

17. May, 2012

Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog.com page. Thanks for visiting! I’ll be using this venue to post my writings, mostly random thoughts and philosophies. And sometimes, I may just post a random musing about something I found interesting. -K. M.